Grand Greetings and Welcome!

In the year 2017, we created our Sunday Sunshine Smile project.

Every 1st Sunday of the month, we gladly presented a beautiful soul

who volunteered to contribute to your elevation through


(Positive Thought, Expression and Action)...


This year, in 2019, we are doing something a little different... 

Enter to win when you subscribe to our monthly blog or

meet us at one of our Pop Up Shops

during events as listed on our event page. 


1) Ask us about our Sunshine Smile Project 2019.

Call: 929-350-1546


2) Send us a smile photo of you.

 (Everyone in the photo must be smiling).


3) Give us a statement describing what makes you smile even when it’s difficult to do so.


4) Answer; Why it is important for you to share your Sunshine Smile with others?


5) Spread love and share this message with others.

Share the hashtag: #MVPSunshineSmile

on your social media outlets.


Your positive energy could brighten someone else's day.

Remember, You are beautiful inside and out! 


We look forward to your participation and positive feedback. 


Peace and Love!


Stay Blessed!


Volunteers will receive a free appreciation gift with a value of $45.00 designed by

Team eQUAnimity NYC, our 15 Minute Spa Moments Package.

Your participation in this project authorizes use of your Sunshine Smile profile

being posted on our social media streams and website.


We appreciate you...

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