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Pause and Plug Into Real Life

Peace and Blessings!

We know it's been a while since you've heard from us. Honestly, we have no regrets. We added a special new blessing to our core family. Now our youthful treasures equal two boys and two girls to carry on our legacy. We are elated to share that news with you!

During the COVID-19 crisis, Team eQUAnimity NYC has been more focused on our mental and physical and most importantly, our spiritual health. We keep everyone in our deep thoughts and prayers as we all endure this hardship in one way or another.

We write this post to say, "Tune in to real life" as much as possible. Let's use our electronic devices to connect and socialize with our personal loved ones but resist perpetuating the negative narratives. Avoid the destructive distractions designed to weaken humanity. Ponder over the good qualities found in creation, art, love and life. We are open to connecting with anyone who would like to join our community and meditate on such things. Another FREE and reliable resource available for timely, encouraging content can be found at

We ask that everyone continues to do their part to take care of themselves and others.

Stay safe, sane, happy and healthy.


Team eQUAnimity NYC

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