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Push Past Procrastination

Peace and Blessings Beloved Readers!

We find that it is so fascinating that at one time or another, for generation after generation, over half of humans ever to have lived have been a part of the most popular nation ever to be in existence; PROCRASTINATION!

Procrastination is defined as, “the action of delaying or postponing something.”

It is actually a personally pet peeve of our Passion Pusher and MVP, Valtisha, but it also serves as a trigger to assist in self development for the virtue of patience. (Now say that 3 times fast)

Walking the streets of New York, members of Team eQUAnimity NYC are still hearing people say, “Happy New Year”. Is it still “NEW” for you? Do you feel like you still have time to begin working towards your goals? Well, don’t beat yourself up too bad if these first few weeks of 2019 haven’t been all you hoped it would be so far. We’re here to help.

“There is no better day than today. There is no better time than right now!"

So here are 3 tips to PUSH PAST PROCRASTINATION!

* Get Organized

Create a daily task list. Write everything in a planner or on a phone/ wall calendar (having more than one calendar helps). This is a simple reminder for oneself. Attempt to avoid an elaborate, drawn out, step by step thought or plan from beginning to end.

This action turns out to just be another way to avoid the task and waste time.

Instead of feeling like we are doing something, we could really be doing something.

Also, setting a clear deadline is part of being organized and it’s helpful for breaking down the task in smaller increments to see results and celebrate even the smallest accomplishments.

* Get Started

Spend 10-15 minutes just to begin completing the daily task. We find that once we actually begin a task, our perception and focus become clearer and we often find the task to be enjoyable.

It is possible to avoid suffering from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) by doing what we can with what we have as soon as we can do it. For example; when our little ones are told to clean their room, if it’s not done by the deadline, recreational activities get cut short or postponed. Friends and family members might set the thought to attend an event but instead of grabbing tickets at an early bird discount price, we sometimes end up missing out or paying more. Why pay more?

* Get Rewarded

Set up an incentive like a favorite meal or a trip somewhere for when a task is completed.

When we keep our word, we feel better about ourselves. We begin to trust ourselves more and others will too. So, tell someone about the goal. Set up an accountability partner. Take time to celebrate even the smallest accomplishments and see how great it feels. This could also be motivation to move on and complete the next task.

Remember, time is a very precious commodity and once it’s spent, it does not return.

It’s best to invest one’s time wisely.

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