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Here Comes 2019! (5 Special Habits To Change Your Life)

Peace and Blessings!

As we quickly approach the year 2019, we notice too many people setting themselves up for failure. Will this really be a "new" year or just another one?

This is no judgement but clear observation and consideration of how history repeats itself undeniably. Statistics show that most resolutions for the new year fail within the first 45 days.

We are here to help! With approximately 15 days left in 2018, let's get started with moving forward and upward towards a NEW and AMAZING year for you.

5 Special Habits that Will Change Your Life!

(The Best Way is to Begin Today)

1) Wake up THANKFUL and write it down! Keep your phone out of reach and replace it with a notebook to write at least 5 things you are thankful for that day (every day). Your energy level will shift to a more positive state of mind and you will more readily reflect on these things when facing challenges.

2) Clear The Clutter! Simplify your space with home, work, tasks and communication (social media) to focus on the more important things. Watch how your life changes with improved mental and physical health. HINT: Research Feng Shui.

3) Enjoy Daily Self Assessment! When one writes their daily goals or tasks, they become more real. Start small if you must just to get some momentum going. Celebrate even your smallest accomplishments but hold yourself accountable. Giving up on a goal is unacceptable. Every day presents the opportunity to make it better than the day before.

4) Be Kind! It's important to be kind to yourself and to others. There is an energy in the universe that rewards this habit with more joy in life. You will feel better about yourself and others will eventually treat you better. Ships float better with the flow of positive energy; Relationships, Friendships, Partnerships, etc. But it is also kind to yourself to avoid people who mistake your kindness for weakness.

5) Seek Healing with a Coach or Consultant! The times we live in require superior stress relief and that comes in many ways. We at eQUAnimity NYC offer products and services of Aromatherapy with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. When this becomes part of your monthly routine, together we will refresh and recharge your senses leading to a much better life.

FYI - Yes! We have put these practices into our own routines and we look forward to continued growth with them.

Our Passion Pusher and MVP of eQUAnimity NYC, Valtisha, is an advocate for happiness, health and wellness. She welcomes you to vibe face to face to glow and grow into long lasting happiness.

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