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Entertainment Without Electronics

Greetings! For many years, people have faced challenges involving face to face social interactions and overcoming barriers. As technology continues to advance, we find that television, phones, and computers seem to be taking over our lives more and more.

Team eQUAnimity created a list of our TOP 5 things do that do not involve electronics. These suggestions are great for children and adults.

We hope you find this to be helpful in strengthening your relationships with family, friends and others. Also many things on this list are things you can do for FREE! Who doesn’t like “FREE”?!!

Let’s get back to basics!


  • There is always a new adventure waiting or new lessons to learn in a book.

  • Topics you read about could be great conversation pieces.

  • Studies show that brain activity is increased when you read (which is a good thing).

(Image by Mehak Fatima/ 2017)

II. Write a story!

  • Keeping a journal or creating a new story from scratch could help release a lot of tension.

  • Stories we write today could one day become a source of income or a hidden treasure for future generations to enjoy!

III. Travel/ Enjoy Outdoors!

  • Different sights, smells and physical encounters can stimulate your senses and create memories that will nourish your brain for years to come.

  • Gardening can be therapeutic, rewarding and nutritious with fresh herbs or foods to eat.

  • Ride a bike, swim, skate, race, play Marco Polo, tag, hide and seek...the list of outdoor fun is endless.

IV. Board Games Don't Have To Be Boring!

  • We like to make up our own rules sometimes when playing board games or cards. This helps to keep things interesting.

  • Taking turns or playing teams builds up good, healthy competition without causing physical injury (in most cases).

V. Draw, Paint, Create!

  • You might very well have all the art supplies you need right where you are. (paint, pencils, popsicle sticks, tissue rolls, etc.)

  • You can create greeting cards and little love notes and make someone else smile.

  • Check out for some ideas of handcrafted gifts made with love.

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