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Successful Self-Care

PEACE AND BLESSINGS! We wish you happiness, health and wellness. We encourage you to maintain a healthy routine of self-care activities such as keeping a journal, prayer and meditation, affirmations, healthy association, and plenty of rest. We’d love to hear about how you experience successful self-care.

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As a family owned business, we enjoy bringing joy to you and your family. We have been putting solid effort into quite a few projects. Besides setting up our beautiful vendor table at events all around NYC, we also have a new children’s book to be released early Summer 2018. These are all very exciting feats for us.

We hope that you are well aware of the need to celebrate your own accomplishments as well as taking time to relax, reset and elevate yourself. In the interest of self-care, we invite you to the thrilling and unique experience of…

Sip & Spa!

“Escape Room”

Considering the high cost of living here in NYC, not everyone can afford to go away on vacation as often as they may want to or even experience a Spa Day outside of their own home. We are so thrilled to have you join us Saturday, May 12th (the day before Mother’s Day). Space is limited and tickets are selling fast! This is a real bargain for now but the price cannot be guaranteed after April 1st. The ticket price includes all of this and more!*

*(candle making workshop costs extra)*

This event is the epitome of eQUAnimity NYC, LLC and why we came into existence. Not only do we remind caregivers to take time and care for themselves, but we offer an affordable way to do so. Through our handcrafted aromatherapy gifts infused with therapeutic grade essential oils, we actively advocate for the happiness health and wellness of our customers. You deserve a day of healing, a day of escape and successful self-care.

If you haven’t done so already, we urge you to get your tickets today. If you did get your tickets, Kudos to you! Now, imagine if you shared this day of healing with someone you love.

Live Elevated!

Peace, Love, Light, Joy and Abundance to you.


Team eQUAnimity NYC

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