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Values of Valtisha

Values of Valtisha

For better or for worse, Valentine's Day is soon upon us. In the spirit of love being in the air, especially Self Love, Team eQUAnimity NYC thought this would be a great time to discuss the #ValuesOfValtisha. So, let me reintroduce myself...

(A) I have 2 more years to fulfill my plans to retire from being a corporate employee at the age of 40. I am so super excited that soon I will be able to give my company, eQUAnimity NYC, LLC more of my time, energy and attention.

(B) My mom says that my name means, "Mother's Love" but I remain a little suspicious of that statement.

(C) No matter how you see it spelled and no matter how you may feel at the time, my name is pronounced Val-Tee-Sha as you must smile when you say it. Did you just try to say it without smiling? Are you smiling now that it seems like I know what you might be doing at this very moment?

Ha, Ha, Ha. As an advocate for Happiness, Health and Wellness, it brings me abundant joy to share my joy with you. This leads into the list of values I hold dear:

1. Share a Sunshine Smile! Never underestimate the power of a genuine smile. It’s healthy for the heart as the internal “feel good” hormones/ chemicals called dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are released with the action of a smile. Smiles are often contagious which improves social interactions as well. Don’t forget to “Smile and Win”! Check out the details here:

2. I’m a Huge Hugger! It’s not for everybody and I totally understand. Especially with the epidemic of body odor and creepy gropers running rampant here in NYC. However, I am affectionate and I offer a way out. With hands facing palms up and shoulder width at my side, I first say, “I’m Valtisha and I’m a hugger.” Then I wait for a response. I’ve met quite a few like minded individuals who also give great hugs. Others just offer a handshake or fist bump which is still a good way to meet people. Physical contact relays so many non-verbal messages during social interactions and first impressions last a long time. Of course, we must always consider the situation and make sure it’s not inappropriate, like during an interview. Yet, that’s why I enjoy being an entrepreneur and owning a business of my own.

3. Family, Family, Family! Everything I do keeps my core values at the forefront. Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, Friends. Yes, generally in that exact order. It’s all based in the desire to live a happy, healthy life in all aspects of living. Although I am willing to make sacrifices for some things, I value my family as my highest priority not just with words but more often through actions that promote their growth and happiness. I appreciate my blessings and count them daily beginning with Kwali Amyr, Eden Serenity, Leilani Reign and Ra. (Yes, a lot of thought went into the names of my children but that’s a story for another time).

4. Spread Love! Hip Hop artist, The Notorious BIG, said “It’s the Brooklyn way,” in his song “Juicy”. It became more "My Way", the first time I reconnected to the saying and applied it more in my life. I was listening to Hip Hop artist whose stage name at the time was Mos Def, now known as Yaslin Bey. So yes, Hip Hop plays a huge part but great music and dancing moves me to spread love along with healthy activity such as when cleaning my home and work space or when working out. That’s why Team eQUAnimity NYC operates with Positivi-TEA™; Positive Thoughts, Expressions and Actions. Learn more here:

5. Learning is Fun! In my home and we are readers and life long learners. We love nature, travel, books and people watching. While some lessons are uncomfortable, the rewards are absolutely amazing. We learn how to interact with other humans better. We improve our communication skills. We have unique behaviors. Above all, we enjoy a balanced sense of humor which keeps us smiling, laughing and increasing oxygen to the brain. We experience a piece of peace; mind, body and soul, that most others do not readily accept although it is widely available. How insane is that?

So, now that you know a little more about “Valtisha”. We’d love to hear from you. Please send us your feedback by sending an email to or hit the “subscribe” button on our website at

Live Elevated!

Peace, Love, Light, Joy and Abundance to you.


Valtisha Parker

President/ Passion Pusher

eQUAnimity NYC, LLC

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