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"Everyone Should Write A Book!"

“Everyone Should Write A Book!”

(Or a Blog)


We greet you with love because we can and this is what we like to do.

Another thing we like to do is write…or rather, type. The first time we heard one of our mentors and dear friends express this title quote; “Everyone should write a book,” it was like music in the air and in the ear. This is a thought we deeply agree with and Team eQUAnimity has put together this blog of ideas to explain why.

First of all, there are plenty of personal, professional, financial and therapeutic reasons to write. When you were younger, did you keep a journal or a diary? A feeling of calm or relief often comes when one releases their feelings onto paper. It can serve as a healing. One can go back at a later date and admire their growth or understand a memory more clearly with less distortion due to perceptions and imperfect brain activity.

Keeping a Gratitude Journal (pretty much self-explanatory) is a great way to practice Positivi-TEA™ (Positive Thought, Expression & Action) which leads to making every day better than the day before. Why not add this to your daily task list and begin or end your day in a more positive way?

Another reason to write for some people is because they find it easier to express themselves generally and a little more truthfully through writing. Often, in our collective personal experience, words get in the way or come out wrong when expressed verbally, face to face and full of emotion. Through writing, one can take time to gather thoughts, organize them and even edit them. Once words are released into the atmosphere, they can never really be erased.

Also, with so many distractions bombarding us in the world today regarding politics, religion and celebrity gossip (which we will strongly attempt to avoid writing about in our blogs) it’s good to keep record of more important things with accuracy. If you have a creative mind, keep a little notebook handy to jot down ideas no matter where you are. Many well-known poems and songs have been created in such a way. Whenever you are in a position to learn something, take notes. It's a sign of respect when you find yourself in the company of leaders, mentors and other such successful people to take notes when they share their golden nuggets (ideas) with you. We know of several millionaires who still make this a practice.

Finally, we come to the belief and understanding that wealthy people have at least seven streams of income. Writing could actually be a wonderful means to have currency flow your way especially if you have a good marketing strategy and a formidable team, including the essential editor.

Keep us in the loop if you decide to write a book or a blog. We love to read and learn something new every day. Feel free to email us anytime at

Live Elevated!

Peace, Love, Light, Joy and Abundance to you.


Team eQUAnimity.

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