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Aromatherapy Matters!

Aromatherapy Matters!

Welcome! Take a deep breath!

How do you feel now?

Have you ever walked past a space where cookies are baking? Either a bakery or a home or your own kitchen? Even if you were not hungry at the time, the scent most likely draws you into the desire to take a bite. You may experience a brief moment of delightful nostalgia and smile.

That is just one form of aromatherapy.

Through candles, body scrubs, lip balms, and handcrafted roses, eQUAnimity NYC creates high quality, holistic, gifts infused with the healing powers of therapeutic grade essential oils. Some essential oils are pure extracts of flowers, herbs, spices and resins. Essential oils in pure form, uncut and alcohol free, are potent and have fragrance that lasts a very long time.

Relax with lavender and feel stimulated and invigorated with peppermint. Some other popular essential oils great for aromatherapy are:








Tea Tree

All are excellent for aromatherapy use. Scents evoke feelings and can enhance one’s outlook on life.

There are immeasurable health benefits of aromatherapy as well. Experience reduced anxiety, less stress and depression, boost energy levels, cure aches and pains, improve brain activity, digestion and circulation as well as speed up healing.

We enjoy exchanging elevated energy and We Love You! (Pass that on)

Experience a piece of peace; mind, body and soul through our Positivi-TEA (Positive Thought, Expression and Action). We always look forward to providing you with more Positivi-TEA now and in the near future.

Live Elevated!

Peace, Love, Light, Joy and Abundance to you.


Team eQUAnimity.

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