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Ever Wondered...What is eQUAnimity?

What is eQUAnimity?

Well, WELCOME! We’re very happy to answer your question. Remaining hopeful that all is well with you and your days are filled with elevated energy and equanimity.

Well, with great power comes great responsibility and so we now begin our blog series to edify, empower and educate those we love.

Being a family of sapiosexuals, (a lesson for another time but really easy to look up yourself) we chose this word to represent our company, eQUAnimity NYC because it literally sounds soothing when spoken and the work we do is relaxation activity as we create our gifts and offer them to others.

The word “equanimity” is popular in the yoga and meditation culture. One doesn’t have to practice yoga or even meditate to obtain it but there are still numerous benefits.

For one, what good-hearted person wouldn’t like to know how to focus more and successfully relax, reduce stress and restore peace of mind?

The word literally means, “mental calmness under stress.” Let’s break it down (for fun).

Equanimity is a combination of Latin words:

“aequus” meaning “even, level, equal”


“animus” meaning “soul” or “mind”

A simple example would be if someone broke your favorite mug but instead of getting angry, you just clean up the mess. Some see it as “indifference” but we see it as “let’s just keep moving forward.”

You may have also noticed the word “QUA” stands out in our name. It means “in the capacity of” or “as being”. It is often linked to the saying “I AM that I AM” which is another term closely related to THE CREATOR.

We create and distribute high quality, holistic, gifts infused with the healing powers of therapeutic grade essential oils and made with love.

We Love You! (Pass that on)

Thus, our eQUAnimity is known to be an essential resource. It was designed to be a reminder to caregivers to take care of themselves in order to continue to take care of others, we offer an easier and more affordable way to do so. Think “Home Spa”.

Why? Because how can one expect to keep pouring love and positivity into others and take care of loved ones if one is pouring into them from an empty vessel? The pouring could become poison in the form of resentment and regret.

So we ask you to take a few minutes every day (if possible) to relax, reset and elevate yourself above the sticky, yucky, stress and mess of everyday life.

Experience a piece of peace; mind, body and soul through our Positivi-TEA (Positive Thought, Expression and Action). We always look forward to providing you with more Positivi-TEA now and in the near future.

Live Elevated!

Peace, Love, Light, Joy and Abundance to you.


Team eQUAnimity


Next article we’ll discuss the benefits of daily operating with Positivi-TEA.

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