Mrs. Valtisha Parker

Founder, Poet, Author, Wellness Advocate, Inspirational Speaker, Wife, Mother, Friend etc…


My name is as unique as my personality, pronounced “Val-tee-sha” because you have to smile when you say it. 

I had to grow into the name, Valtisha, but now it works for me and I prove to be an exceptional, goal oriented woman. In my early 30s I became somewhat of a serial entrepreneur. Now I am Director of Operations at The Wheels Are Always Turning which is a virtual think tank of marketable ideas. There, I have an active role of being a "Passion Pusher" and helping people accomplish their goals and realizing their dreams. I am also a proud member of an exclusive wealth building nation and network of small business owners.

Family is my major focus. I absolutely love and adore my husband and my three children. I work hard towards giving them the freedom they deserve. My favorite personal motto and saying is, “If we’re not growing, we’re dying.” I strive to use every day as the opportunity to make it better than the day before. I work to grow every day to elevate others. In this way, I hope to be a role model to the youth of my community.


My mother remains a major inspiration for building my own company. She worked hard as a single mother and I followed in her footsteps for a long time. I have a large, primarily matriarchal, family. All the women in my family made sacrifices and struggled, showed strength, discipline and are very affectionate. We all inculcate secular, social and spiritual education in our youth but in 2013, under great mentorship, I began receiving a financial education and started believing in my own "God-sized" dreams again. In 2016 I coined the term "Positivi-TEA™: Positive Thought, Expression and Action" as a result of meditation and daily affirmations.


As the world changed with the improvement of technology and economic opportunities, now we are in a better position to make sure children of my generation and generations after would be financially educated, be something bigger, and actually own something to grow a legacy. I strongly believe entrepreneurship is necessary to build and maintain the health and sustainability of our families and communities. 


All of our products are made in the U.S.A.*


I am not very materialistic although I like having nice things. I find the most delightful artistic beauty in nature and in human behavior.  As Founder and Owner of eQUAnimity NYC LLC, I keep in mind that not everyone takes the time to take care of their mental health, reset and move forward feeling refreshed. I offer guidance, create products and provide services to help men and woman, especially caregivers, do just that.


I have had personal and professional experiences as an author, poet, licensed financial advisor, wellness advocate, community relations liaison and motivational speaker.


I am a survivor of domestic violence, multiple miscarriages, alcoholism, unemployment, depression and other common and uncommon life problems. Through innumerable blessings from The Creator, I often am able to practice equanimity in my thoughts and actions. This is why I am motivated to be a "Passion Pusher" (opposite of Dream Killer) for others who work to make their dreams a reality. I remain blessed and I know the best is yet to come...and so, “The Wheels are Always Turning.