eQUAnimity NYC is an online boutique and an advocate for happiness, health and wellness based in New York.


Pronounced: (ekwəˈnimə-teē)

Defined: mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper,

especially in a difficult situation.

*QUA = I AM/ As Being

Our company is a source of creation and distribution of various handcrafted and all natural products made with love, mainly infused with healing scents of therapeutic grade essential oils for aromatherapy, home décor and special gifts.

Our vision is to promote Positivi-TEA™  (Positive Thought, Expression and Action)

as a way of improved health, wellness and overall living.


 Our mission is to provide quality wellness products and services that especially honor caregivers. 

The design and purpose of EQUAnimity NYC is to offer

"A Piece of Peace - Mind, Body and Soul"

as a reminder of the importance to take a few minutes every day to heal and move forward, inspired to make the next day a little better than the day before.


We are determined to reflect our core values: integrity, superior service, excellence and teamwork. 

As we offer a solution to the dis-ease of deflated dreams...

join us in pursuing eQUAnimity through Positivi-TEA...

Daily Affirmations

I am excited about today!

I am happy, healthy and wealthy.

Every morning I recite my affirmations out loud. 

Every evening I write my goals for the next day.

I conduct myself with honesty and integrity.

I am a valuable individual fulfilling my purpose.

I invite all good things into my life today.

The possibility of my success is unlimited.

My life is full of yes!


eQUAnimity - Valtisha Parker
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